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Financial Support

IMPORTANT Information - June 20th, 2010 :

1) We have answered by mail all financial support requests. If you made a support request and you did NOT receive the "QFS 2010 Financial support" mail, please contact us.

2) We are sending invitation letters by regular mail to those of you who requested them. We are contacting the French consulate in your countries, they will receive an updated list of the registered participants, and the letters of invitation will probably not be needed. We are checking this. 

Information on Financial Support

Limited financial support is available towards reimbursements for travel, accommodation and registration fee.

The grants originate from the European Union (Marie Curie Cryocourse, Advanced Cryogenics Course), the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), the European Physical Society (EPS), the LT25 Foundation, CNRS and other sponsors.
Young researchers (in general less than 4 years after Master Degree, and in some cases less than 10 years after Master Degree) may be eligible for support.
The form for financial request can be dowloaded here. (pdf version here)
The eligibility conditions are given here.
Senior researchers from less favoured countries can also receive some support.
The form for financial request can be dowloaded here. (pdf version here)
If you think that you may be eligible for a financial support, download the form and fill it up.
You can include your publication list, or the list of your most relevant publications.
Send the form as attached document via e-mail to
We shall reply as quickly as possible.